Saturday, October 27, 2007


Some may asked why "kangaroopals". It is also the name for our flickr photos and etsy little store. Here is why. These are the stuffed animals that my oldest son needs to sleep with. It started with the kangaroo and then others came to the game. Couple mornings when he wakes up, he lines them up onto a table. I found it unique and cute on his own way. Pals are the bear, cat and baby penguin. I want a fun name and some how also related to my family. So kangaroopals it is.

For Etsy

I have been working lately on project/crafts for kangaroopals online little store. Here is a preview photos on what we are carrying. There will be crochet and knitted handbags, crochet coasters/pot holder. Also crochet flowers in hair clips. If you want to keep informed on when these items are up to the store, please email me at

Inspiration 01

Fishs Eddy is a store where sells dishware and glassware. It specializes in American sturdyware. I get inspired by looking all that vintage, stylish, urban and contemporary design. On my last visit (during lunch break at my full-time job as a graphic designer), I couldn't resist the re-usable tote bags that they are selling. They have 212 nyc, brooklyn, and the promotional design. I have to get them all! I hope I make a good use of them. Tote bags was not the only thing I bought. Previous visits, I have bought mugs, vases, dessert plates, spoons, a honey bear bottle and much more. I call Fishs Eddy my source of inspiration. I will be posting Inspiration 02 soon. ;)

New Inventory

Yarn, threat and fabrics

These last couple days I received new yarns, threads and fabrics from the mail. All for my next projects. I finally, bought Alpaca yarns. They are much softer than I though. The ones I got are 100% baby alpacas from Peru. Very easy to work with. It's also light and warm. I am thinking to knit a sweater and a matching scarf for my oldest son Brandon. I think he needs them. :)

Martha Stewart

I finally saw her craft materials. They are gorgeous... especially the way the items are displayed on the store, big signs and wider area. It gets people attention, at least to me. I couldn't resist these ribbons.

Material World and Fashion Exhibition

Material World and International Fashion Exhibition happens twice a year at Javits Center in NYC. The last couple times I had been in this type of exhibition, it gives me a lot of ideas and inspiration. Also, you get to exposed all beautiful fabrics, ribbons, buttons, notions, references books about the industy... and much more. I learned more about what's out there in the textile/fashion/garment industry. You are talking with professionals in the field. On the last exhibition I attended, I finally found a software for my designs. A user friendly software for textile design/production: Pointcarre. What I learned in U4ria in FIT, it was so much harder to understand. It needs many steps to create a simple function. I found it very unfriendly interface and difficult to work with. I think Pointcarre is the solution for me. The functionality, the interface, the tools, the short-cuts are so similar to what I am used to work with graphic design softwares, like illustrator and photoshop. One of my next goal is to dedicate my time on patterns and textile design, something that I had put off for a short time. But I am glad that I am moving forward with textile design soon!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My little store

I have been thinking for a long time, but never have the time to think on what I have to do to star selling my crafts online. Days and weeks passed, even months still not sure about I have an inventory of fabrics, yarns and threats waiting for me to do more and more crafts. Anyway, I went ahead and set up the accounts necessary for my little store (how exciting for me!) Approximately 2 weeks, I should be ready with some of my first handcrafted items posted in kangaroopals little store. To have you notify about future updates on the store please email me at I hope what I handcraft make a good use of it for others.
Happy crafting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WIP projects

Finished projects

Decorative pillow with a pocket for nephew Ethan.

Tote bag for my mother-in-law on her birthday.

Little crochet bag with goodies for little girl Stacey's birthday.

Dollies, I love dollies.

Boy's and Girl's hat.

Some white crochet flowers.

This set is for son King Kyle.

Messenger bag for Wavian's HB stuffed with goodies.

Pillows and embroidery

Pillow cases for the family room.

K for King Kyle and B for Big Boy Brandon.


Embroidery from Marie Ideas... love that magazine.

Textile/Pattern design

Work from a class for textile design. Doing repeats by hand was difficult to me. I decided to do my patterns electronically. My other option is to draw them by hand, scan and paint them electronically.

My stash of yarns

My stash of fabrics

This batch are from Ikea

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't know when can I have a chance to sew something for myself. Well, I will keep in mind.

Zippers, ribbons, threads, needles... part of my inventory.

Can you tell I love See's candies? My sister got a box of lollypops for us when she traveled to SF for a short vacation. I learned about the candies when my husband and I, just married and moved to SF, then moved back to NYC in between a year. Yes, I missed the candies... anyone going to SF?... I kept the box and made a good use for it. Love it!

Some knitting needles belongs to me since I started learning knitting at 9-years-old.