Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March of the Tools

I am joining Heather Bailey's March of the Tools. This sounds fun. There are many tools that make your life easier, but as a crafter and graphic designer. These are the two tools so far that I can't live without when doing crafting or design. E-xacto knife is an essential tool for creating mock-ups. I own this knife for 12+ years. My newest tool is the Ultra ShapeXpress. It's easy to use and it's very practical tool. Cuts any shapes in paper. Also, I read that cuts in fabrics? I have to see for myself. I have to try that yet.
A new addition to March of the Tools. Still not too late!: A trimmer from Fiskars. Very useful, practical, sharp and a time saver. For heavy duty use, see cutters from Carl. Found here.

Heavy duty rotary cutter

Rotary Trimmer

exacto knife

Did some egg shape cards

The Ultra ShapeXpress

Tags for my son's birthday


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was looking for some ideas for Easter cards on flickr.com. I came across your lovely creations. I also have this Fiscars cutter - my husband has just brought it from Germany. I live in Russia.

Felicia said...

I love all things rotary!

Wireless said...

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k-ori said...

Hi - I love your creations. I am admiring your crochet barrettes and thinking why oh why won't my child wear them in her hair? Maybe she'll come around. She's almost 3, I'm patiently waiting. BTW, what specific exacto knife do you use? I have bought exacto and the blade just wasn't sharp or it could be that I didn't use them correctly and they became dull. Thanks!

Kangaroopals said...

Dear K-ori,

I don't remember where I got the exacto knife. It's been a long time... The trick is in the blade, after many uses, it should change often. It doesn't matter which brand you got... it shouldn't turn dull if use them incorrectly. If you use a lot I will recommend change the blade often and buy the 100 in the box economic pack of blades. Here: http://www.officeworld.com/search_results/static/S104699/?gclid=CICg-9zZmJQCFQNfFQodkHdttA